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The Freedom Center

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Atlanta Addiction Recovery Center

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Desert Hope Treatment

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Denver Recovery Center

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Bluff Plantation

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Northeast Addiction Treatment Center

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Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness

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Sunrise House Treatment Center

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Starlite Recovery Center

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San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital

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Lumiere Detox Center

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Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders

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What can I achieve through rehab?

You deserve to be whole, and your loved ones deserve to have you back. If quitting drugs or alcohol was easy, the word addiction wouldn’t even exist. Detox helps patients get through the worst of withdrawal safely, and rehab provides you with the emotional support, medical supervision, psychiatric care, resources, and life skills to ensure that you transform yourself and your life.

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What is rehab like?

Most rehabs combine elements of detox, medical observation, psychiatric evaluation, therapy, relaxation, life skills training, and support groups. The specific programs and resources available will range tremendously across facilities. The best rehabs heal you medically, clinically, and spiritually so that you can begin a new, meaningful life of passion and purpose.

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Beth L. | In recovery

You’ll wake up one day; you’ll want recovery, and you’ll find yourself telling someone else the same.

Lindsey H. | In recovery

It was only once I got sober that I was able to really get to the root of my trauma and examine those stressors.

Olivia P. | In recovery

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