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Pennsylvania is a state full of history as the home of Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, as well as the state where the Declaration of Independence was produced. In 2018, 2,866 people in the state died from a drug overdose, with 65% of those overdoses involving Opioids. Almost 8% of those living in Pennsylvania reported that they had used illicit drugs in the past month. The Office of National Drug Control Policy reported that most people entering treatment for a drug addiction cited Heroin as their primary drug. In fact, almost one third of treatment admissions in the state were for Heroin. Heroin is an Opioid drug that can cause someone to stop breathing if they consume too much. This powerful drug is dangerous and addictive and anyone abusing it should seek help immediately. Treatment centers can help those suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. There are professionals ready to help those in need. Discover rehab options today.

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