This Website, RehabSpot.com, is a resource created to educate its visitors on addictions and addictive substances and to provide internet users with information to aid in determining if they or a loved one have a substance abuse issue. This website was also created to assist the loved ones of an addict as well as the addict themselves in finding the best treatment fit for their specific needs. RehabSpot.com is owned by Recovery Worldwide, LLC, a for-profit organization that specializes in creating health-related educational web projects. All funding and financial sponsorship for RehabSpot.com comes from Recovery Worldwide, LLC.

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The information listed on RehabSpot.com is intended to support, not take place of, the relationship that exists between a patient and his/her healthcare provider. This Website was not designed to give medical advice. Instead, the Website should be considered as a supplemental resource for supplying general information on addiction and drug abuse that may be useful to any user on the site. It is encouraged to all visitors to consult with a physician or other licensed medical professional for any form of medical advice.

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Our assortment of blogs is monitored occasionally by volunteers. Therefore, there is not regular upkeep with posted comments. The internet users making remarks on each blog, whether information is sufficient or not, should not be considered as health professionals. You should contact a medical professional before taking any advice from comments posted from other internet users.


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