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Paying for Rehab

Scholarships For Drug And Alcohol Rehab

There are many ways to get help covering the costs of treatment, including programs offered by state governments and local nonprofits.

Getting A Rehab Scholarship

The first step in recovery is admitting that there’s a problem. The trouble for many Americans looking for help with their recovery efforts is that they may know what their problem is but feel unable to take the next step by checking into rehab. Why? Simply put, rehab can be expensive without financial assistance from insurance coverage or out-of-pocket funds. However, scholarships for drug and alcohol rehab are available for those who qualify and can help those in need get treatment without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Applying For A Clinical Trial

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is a federal agency that conducts research on the best ways to prevent and treat addiction. The agency needs everyday people to conduct clinical trials on a wide variety of potential treatment options, including new medicines, new technologies, and new therapies. For example, two NIDA trials tested Prazosin, a medication prescribed for hypertension and night terrors related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as an option for treating alcohol use disorders (AUD). These trials even tried out a type of augmented reality technology meant for alcohol use prevention and harm reduction.

Anyone can view the clinical trials currently recruiting locally by visiting the NIDA clinical trial locator on the agency’s official website. All that’s needed is to simply enter the drug regularly used, identify whether or not treatment is being sought, select how far one is willing to travel, enter one’s zip code, and click “search.” Then NIDA will display a list of clinical trials nearby — which may include cutting-edge drug therapies, counseling services, and new technologies to help with recovery, all of which would be free to the volunteer.

Getting Help From State Governments

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) gives grants to state governments to help provide prevention, treatment, and recovery resources to individuals who have a substance use disorder (SUD).

The exact way this money is dispersed, as well as which services and what treatments are offered, will vary state to state. Visiting the list of agencies on a state government’s official website (the name of the state followed by .gov) could be a good way to get started looking for what’s offered locally. Some pages, like that of Tennessee’s Department of Mental Health And Substance Abuse Services, provide contact information for finding services and agencies that provide treatment.

Rehab With The Salvation Army

Another avenue for someone looking for scholarships for drug and alcohol rehab is the Salvation Army’s work-therapy programs. There are a few requirements, such as being between the ages of 21-65, having a valid photo ID, and being able to pass a drug test, but the program is free and does not require insurance. The program also requires an interview, a common component of the selection process for scholarships for drug and alcohol rehab.

The Salvation Army also provides Harbor Light Center programs across the country, which provide residential and outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. These organizations also provide services for those looking to ease the transition between exiting rehab and entering the workforce, a common concern for those looking for scholarships for drug and alcohol rehab.

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Churches Can Provide Scholarships For Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Many churches make philanthropic giving to their community a major focus of what they do. By contacting churches nearby, one may be able to find a church that is willing to provide scholarships for drug and alcohol rehab.

There may be a local chapter of Catholic Charities, for example, an organization that provides behavioral health services free of charge to those seeking care. Note that it is not necessary to be Catholic to take advantage of these services.

Crowdfunded Scholarships For Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Finally, it could be helpful to explore various crowdfunding platforms as a way of getting scholarships for drug and alcohol rehab. Websites like GoFundMe have become a popular way of supporting health care costs for many. All that’s needed is access to a computer and a willingness to type a short summary of one’s story, what one is looking for, and why people should donate. It’s possible to generate enough donations to cover the cost of treatment.

Talking With A Treatment Provider

Now that you know a few ways you might be able to cover the cost of recovery, start the recovery journey today. Contact a treatment provider to discuss rehab options and start getting the help you deserve right away.

Start Your Recovery Today

Help is available. Explore your recovery options and break free from addiction.