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Spiritual Treatment


Connection is critical for those in recovery because it provides them with the support and motivation they need to change their lives and stay sober.

The Value Of Connection To Recovery

Human and spiritual connection are some of our most fundamental needs. According to psychologists, love and belonging are 2 of our most basic needs as a species. When we are connected to a person, ourselves, a hobby/career, a higher power, a group, or a lifestyle, we are ingrained in the present moment, creating joy and passion. Once a purpose or passion is known to us, we can dedicate our lives to practicing it.

Connection encourages social, physical, mental, and emotional contact and healing. When others empathize with us, validate our pain or positive experiences, or find ways to soothe us when needed, we are able to develop a connection with them. We also can develop a connection with people in many other ways, such as through laughter, common interests, and being emotionally available for them. Maintaining this connection can build community and enhance relationships.

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Connection With Ourselves

Connections with ourselves enable us to dig deeper into our hearts and minds to uncover our trauma. We can also find a motivation for transformation. When we connect with ourselves, we learn more about our spiritual, social, financial, emotional, and mental needs. We can start creating connections by seeking authentic truths about our passions. We can ask ourselves what makes us happy and how we can remain present. With connection to ourselves, we can get more insight on how we hurt and what we can do to heal.

We can begin to wholeheartedly connect with our inner selves by seeking to understand who we are at the core of our being. Identifying our passions, values, beliefs, and dislikes will help us learn about who we are. We can ask ourselves what brings us happiness and what actions we can take to sustain positive feelings throughout each day. Remaining in the present helps us reduce anxiety, negative thoughts, and stress. Practicing mindfulness aids us in our mission of connecting with our inner selves.

Focusing on ourselves is not selfish, but an act of self-love. Self-awareness creates balance and enhances our connection by allowing us to tune inward for answers. One way this can be achieved is by meditation. Meditation helps people become aware of their own thoughts, while they achieve relaxation. Meditation also helps us gain emotional stability, cultivate compassion, enhance memory, solve problems, destress, sharpen concentration, alleviate depression, improve self-talk, create an attitude of gratitude, and gain awareness of our mind and body. Journaling and creating healthy habits can additionally reveal insights about ourselves.

Connection With Others

Connecting with others, whether through human touch, conversation, or a shared interest, reinforces community. Connection helps us reduce negative thinking which comes from feelings of isolation and negative self-talk. Humans have a deep need to bond, and when they bond with a social group, feelings of happiness and endorphins in the brain increase.

Other benefits of building strong social relationships and connection with others include:

  • Alleviation of stress
  • Reduced dementia risk
  • Overall Longevity in life
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Fewer health problems
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Enhanced self-esteem

People in recovery often benefit from joining a 12-Step recovery program to form and deepen connections with others. Another way we can build connections with others is by networking in our community. Finding people who have similar professional aspirations can enhance self-esteem after a life of addiction. Having engaging conversations with friends can help you discover your quirks and learn to open new pathways to bonding.

Connection With A Higher Power

Spirituality is a strong component in facilitating healing. When we connect with a higher power (though not necessarily any specific one), we gain a different understanding of life events and our level of responsibility for them. Connecting with a higher power can show us there is more to life than our suffering, our pasts, our flaws, and our egos. We can learn to surrender to each moment, letting go of old patterns of being, thinking, or existing.

We can connect to a higher power by identifying something that is greater than us that has a source of power which is greater than our own. This can be a religious figure, music, nature, or other sources. Take a moment daily to reflect on feelings of peace, inspiration, motivation, gratitude, serenity, and humility which arise when connecting with this source. When practicing connecting with a higher power, we are reminded that we are loved, reinforcing a bond with something that makes us feel worthy, protected, and blissful.

Healing With Connection

Connection, whether this is attained on an emotional or spiritual level, can be a motivating factor to help us achieve change. Connection can challenge our limiting beliefs and our destructive habits. When we create intentions to connect and heal, we are taking an active role in creating core change. We no longer feel as powerless as we once were, redefining our self-worth and self-image.

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