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Spiritual Treatment


Transformation from a life of addiction to one of passion and purpose is possible through leading drug and alcohol rehab methods.

Achieving Transformation Through Rehab

Transformation can be described as a dramatic change for better or worse. Transformation allows individuals with substance abuse disorders to take control of their lives and continue living a life of change once they leave their rehab facility. Individuals undergoing rehab and maintaining their recovery can benefit from transforming their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical selves.

Transformational thinking and living include positive shifts in habits and lifestyles leading to motivating and exciting progress. Growth-oriented thinking is necessary for attempting any goal or change in one’s life. Transformation helps to rehabilitate  patients in recovery to empower themselves to overcome personal challenges.

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Reflection and Transformation

Achieving personal, emotional, nutritional and spiritual transformation requires motivation, personal reflection and support. Making major life changes with discouraging, negative thoughts can easily redirect someone’s focus for one of change to one of regression. A negative mindset can discourage personal progress as the individual minimizes their attempts to maintain positive healthy change.

Sabotaging comments stemming from lack of willpower, a lack of self-love,  low self-worth, or giving power to negative social influences also have damaging effects. Therefore, consider ways to be mindful, or aware of positive and negative influences, by reflecting on the the following:

  • Am I happy around this person?
  • Do I feel empowered and inspired?
  • Am I drained around this person?
  • Do they celebrate my accomplishments?
  • Are they consistent in being happy for my transformation?
  • How do they show their support?
  • Do they value my positive transformation?
  • Do they compare themselves to me?
  • Do they encourage me?
  • Am I able to be open and expressive regarding my transformation?

The power of positivity in our transformation is only going to encourage more positivity. Taking an honest inventory of friends and family members while tuning into your emotions can help you remain aware of healthy external influences.

Self-Awareness and Transformation

The idea of change seems effortless. People may have ideas on how transformation should occur but may not understand their contribution in the process. Self-awareness is the knowledge and feelings of one’s self in different life scenarios. It also means tuning into our inner-most thoughts while practicing honesty.

Practicing self-awareness for transformation allows the individual to honestly assess factors contributing to substance abuse, negative self-talk, and negative influences. We can take inventory of areas requiring more transformation than other areas and prioritize our healing accordingly. Journaling is a strong suggestion to develop self-awareness for reflection and transformational living. This practice helps one identify problems and possible solutions needed for change.

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Maintaining Motivation for Transformation

Transformation can feel intimidating at first; however, taking the time to identify the motivational force behind your transformation plays an integral part of maintaining motivation for change. If transformation is something forced on you by external influences, or you haven’t visualized your life’s plan, you may find yourself making excuses and lacking the commitment to change.

Finding your passion for change may be a strong incentive to persevere through challenging circumstances. However, staying focused on your transformational goals after identifying what they are is very important to achieving and maintaining your goals. Studies show writing down ideas can help individuals seeking transformation commit to their plans. Consider doing the following to resist feeling stuck when finding motivation is difficult:

  • Reading personal development books
  • Attending meetings for support
  • Rewarding yourself when you commit to your plan
  • Tracking your strides to success
  • Changing your diet to vitamin-enriched foods
  • Hire a life coach or therapist to hold you accountable

Embracing a Positive Attitude for Transformation

A large part of success includes a positive and confident attitude and believing you can succeed. A negative attitude can manifest as doubt or a lack of willpower and increase the chances of failure. A positive attitude increases someone’s inspiration and motivation as hopeful feelings are generated. Transformation takes patience. Creating a positive attitude and positive self-image, along with self-compassion, encourages some to accept when they make mistakes along their journey.

Living Intentionally with Transformation

Acceptance is a critical element of change, and creating a peaceful and progressive life honors this practice. Once we have practiced honesty in our transformational mission, we can nurture that with our intention. Our intentions, which are different than action plans for motivation, can focus on our emotional nature.

Holistic healing modalities patients experience in facilities lend themselves to creating a life of wellness post-treatment. Meditation, for example, reduces stress and anxiety and encourages patients to live in the moment. Awareness of thought patterns with meditation guides the individuals to be mindful of thoughts without reactivity; they choose what to focus on, feeling empowered to keep thoughts of a helpful quality.

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Creating a life of sobriety and making major life changes is a noble decision. Finding consistent motivation and focus can be challenging. Rest assured, you’re not alone. Treatment providers can connect you with facility and staff. Contact a treatment provider today.

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