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The Opioid epidemic didn’t cause the kind of damage to Nebraska that states on the East Coast saw. The overwhelming popularity of prescription Opioids in the early 2000s didn’t seem to materialize in the same way, but the rise of Fentanyl did affect Nebraska. The state seems to have the most issues with more readily available substances, like alcohol and Meth. Each year, Nebraska reports higher rates of binge and chronic drinking than the national average. Both of these drinking patterns are associated with health risks and public safety issues, like drunk driving. In terms of illegal substance use, Nebraska struggles most with Meth use. An influx of drugs from outside of the country led to increased Meth use throughout the 2010s. The agencies responsible for combatting the illegal drug trafficking in Nebraska report that Meth has been the biggest problem since 2005. The popularity of Fentanyl in recent years may lead to the drug dethroning Meth eventually, seeing as the Opioid epidemic is still devastating some states. Don’t let substances change your life or the lives of those around you. Nearby treatment providers can help you heal.

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