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Home of bourbon, horse racing, and bluegrass, Kentucky stands out as a state representing the central US. This state also holds the record for longest cave system in the world with Mammoth National Cave Park. The park has more than 400 miles of cave systems so far, with more discovered each year. Alongside bourbon, Kentucky has a fascination with moonshine akin to its Appalachian neighbor states. This alcoholic affiliation may indicate an unhealthy relationship with the substance, however. Kentucky ranks 3rd in binge drinking among all 50 states. Binge drinking is an especially dangerous drinking pattern because it leads to less controllable drunkenness and increased rates of alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related injury. Alongside alcohol, Kentuckians struggle with Opioids; Opioids like Fentanyl are a major concern. Though deaths are starting to go down compared to earlier years, more work still needs to be done. If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, or know someone who is, please seek help at a treatment center.

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