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Located on the shore of Lake Erie, Ohio is home to attractions like Cedar Point and Kings Island. It is home to over 11 million people and is the 10th most densely populated state in America. Back in 2007, unintentional drug poisoning became the leading cause of injury death in the state. Injury death includes deaths like deaths like homicide, suicide, and car crashes. From 2007 into 2019, drug poisonings killed more people than car accidents, surpassing a record that was not seen in the state before. In 2019, 4,028 people died of a drug overdose in Ohio, and 76% of those deaths had Fentanyl involved. Fentanyl was found to be often used in combination with other drugs. It was involved in 72% of Methamphetamine deaths, 77% of Cocaine deaths, and 82% of Heroin deaths. A small amount of Fentanyl can lead to an unintentional overdose. Thankfully, there are rehabilitation facilities nearby that can help those with a drug or alcohol addiction. Explore local treatment centers below.

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