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West Virginia is considered one of the nation's most scenic states. The state is most famously known for its iconic beauty, but it is also filled with history. During the Civil War, the state became its own state by separating from Virginia. Once the war was over, Abraham Lincoln allowed the state to join the union. It is the only state to enter the United States by a President's proclamation. West Virginia's history runs deep, but many do not know that the state is facing an unprecedented battle against opioids. West Virginia is one of the many states brutally hit by the opioid epidemic. The state has some of the highest numbers of drug-related deaths in the nation. It earned the country's top spot of fatal overdoses in 2014, but today, fortunately, those numbers are slowly dropping. The residents of West Virginia are doing their best to combat the current public crisis; thankfully, there is help available. There are various addiction treatment centers prepared to support the state. Check out some local options.

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