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One of the most famous states in The United States is Wyoming. The Cowboy State, as some call it, is home to the nation's first national park (Yellowstone) and its first national monument (Devils Tower). The state is so diverse and full of beauty that it has 7 national parks, 25 national historic landmarks, and 11 nationally recognized areas. Wyoming is the perfect place for the adventurer at heart. The state's beauty is regarded worldwide, but many do not know that it is battling a rise in drug addiction. Opioid-related cases in Wyoming have been on the rise. A recent report by The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation reported that cases involving Opioids have doubled. Unfortunately, rising unemployment, political turmoil, and the world's current state rates are expected to continue growing, but there is hope. There are several addiction treatment facilities ready to support Wyoming's residents. Check out some rehab options.

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