Mississippi Rehabs

Mississippi has, unfortunately, struggled economically more than many states in the US. In the 1800s, Mississippi’s economy was based heavily on plantation money and slave labor. After the Civil War, when that was no longer sustainable, the state began struggling to find a new economic identity. Mississippi did manage to cultivate a healthy, entertainment-based economy using casinos, hotels, and the popularity of the Mississippi river, which is the largest in the country. Officials surrounding substance use management in Mississippi have announced that Meth has dethroned other drugs as the most urgent issue in the state. Drug task forces are straining to manage the kind of use going on in Mississippi. One recent drug bust found a stockpile of 140 pounds of Meth, a drug that is usually sold in grams or ounces. Prescription Opioids were previously the most popularly abused substances in the state, and they still pose a threat, but state and hospital initiatives have cut down on the amount of prescriptions available to the public. This decreased supply drives up the price, and — while it reduces the use of Opioids — some believe that it’s helped push people toward Meth as a form of replacement. Meth and Opioids can be extremely dangerous; if you find you've developed a dependence on substances like these, please reach out for help.

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