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About Delta Med Center

Delta Medical Center is a behavioral health facility located just outside of downtown Memphis. A place of hope and healing, we work to guarantee that our hospital is a place of safety and security for every individual who is entrusted to our care. Whether that person suffers from an addiction or another disorder, coming to Delta means that the pain and isolation of the past gives way to a healthier, brighter future.

Our belief that this goal depends on the effectiveness of individual employees. That is why we take care to recruit and hold high-caliber, compassionate professionals and keep open communication with each one of them. This aids the staff of Delta to uphold a supportive and dignified setting for each of our guests. With our out behavioral health facility being in a full-service hospital, we can address medical concerns as needed. These needs are determined during our evaluation and ongoing check-ups, allowing us to produce a personalized treatment plan that addresses all of our patients’ concerns. While there may be some similarities, no two people will have the same plan.

We at Delta Medical Center are proud of our high professional standards and our advanced facilities. What we’re most proud of, however, is that when someone enters treatment at Delta, they become part of a vibrant and accepting community that supports and celebrates each other. When someone picks us, they work with a skilled and compassionate team that is built around their needs. This may include licensed social workers and professional counselors, registered nurses, a family practice physician and an internal medicine physician, a psychiatrist, and a variety of other very qualified men and women.

The vision of Delta Medical Center is to surpass as the choice of community hospital for patients, physicians, and employees. To do this, we are endlessly improving the quality and value of our services. As new challenges present themselves, we are constantly rethinking, reshaping, and refining our solutions. Please, reach out to us today if you have any questions about the services we offer or determining your own needs.

Delta Med Center


  • Medical Detox|Addiction|Depression


  • Recreation therapy|Accepts Most Insurance|Nutritional and Wellness Counseling

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