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Split almost in half, Michigan is the only state comprised of two peninsulas. The Great Lakes that ride the border between the US and Canada separate the 2 parts of the state. Michigan has held on to its industrial past for far longer than many of the states in the Northeast. US automotive production was centralized in Detroit for decades, but recent economic shifts have left a lot of places with fewer jobs. Unfortunately, this can have serious effects on the morale and coping mechanisms of a state’s populace. Michigan is by no means the state with the most severe alcohol management issues. Throughout the past decade, overall rates of drinking seem to have followed the national average. But when one considers that over 93,000 people die a year due to alcohol in the US, it becomes apparent that following the average is still worrying. Alongside worrying alcohol use, Michigan faces some of the most serious drug use issues in the US. Opioid use accounts for over 75% of drug deaths in the state, and Meth use is on the rise while Opioids hog the spotlight. Falling into the wrong situation can lead you down a dangerous path of substance use disorders. Local treatment centers are available to help you work through these issues. You are not alone.

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