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That Maryland was built on seafood, especially crab, is reflected in the well-established fishing economy around the Atlantic coast and Chesapeake Bay. The coastline also draws in droves of tourists each year; Ocean City is a popular location, boasting nearly 8 million visitors annually. Once a heavily industrialized state, Maryland has turned more toward agriculture as large agricultural industries like chicken farming have bought up land in the western parts of the state. Like many of the Northeastern states, Maryland was hit particularly hard by the Opioid epidemic. Thousands of people died each year due to these drugs, and only within the past 2 years have deaths started to drop. An influx of dangerous Opioids like Fentanyl added fuel to the fire of overdose deaths and ended up killing many people. Alcohol use, which is already high in Maryland, became more deadly as people started mixing it with Opioid use. The combination often leads to respiratory failure and death if someone isn’t near enough to help with a preventative agent like Narcan. These are serious issues and can feel overwhelming if you’re facing them on your own. If you are dealing with an Opioid or alcohol use disorder, or someone you love is, please contact a treatment facility. There you can find information and help on the road to recovery.

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