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The state of Vermont, also known as the "Green Mountain State," is located in the United States' Northeastern portion. It was initially established and settled in 1724 by Massachusetts colonists. The state was originally called the Vermont Republic and was its own nation. It had its own copper currency and even a post office. However, in 1791 it became the first state admitted into the union after the 13 colonies. Vermont and its citizens have a long and proud history. Unfortunately, though the state is respected and regarded by the nation, many do not know that its residents are in the middle of an intense public health crisis. In 2009 Vermont held the spot as one of the top 10 states with the highest drug use rates. Almost 14% of the state's locals reported using illicit drugs (national average - 8.82%). The Opioid crisis is affecting Vermont, much like most of the United States, but there is hope. Check out some treatment options.

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