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Also known as "The Old Dominion State," Virginia was the 10th state to join the union in 1788. Located near the Appalachian Mountains, the proud area was the first settlement established by English colonists in 1607. The state borders the Atlantic and is known as the "Mother of Presidents." It is the birthplace of 8 out of 45 United States presidents. Though the state is revered and respected by patriots, many do not realize that the citizens of Virginia are unfortunately dealing with a severe public health crisis. Virginia has some of the nation's highest rates of drug-related criminal activities. Annually around 165,000 people develop an illicit drug addiction. In 2018, about 1,193 (14.3%) people overdosed on Opioids and died. Unfortunately, these rates are expected to rise due to higher unemployment rates and other side effects caused by the pandemic, but there is hope. There are several addiction treatment facilities ready to help. Check out some local options.

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