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Nevada is a state dominated by dry deserts and mountainous landscapes. The government used the swaths of undeveloped and uninhabited land to test nuclear weapons during and after WWII. What relatively small portions of the state are inhabited rely largely on tourism. Las Vegas is the largest city in the state and is built around drawing in people to spend money, either on goods or gambling. The state has seen some increases in tourism based around outdoor athletes who want to ride around the desert or climb the rocky terrain, but Las Vegas is the primary draw. Like many states, Nevada’s Opioid use had begun to fall in the beginning of the 2020s. Unlike many other states, the most popular Opioids in Nevada continue to be prescription pills. The cheap and widely available drug Fentanyl took the top spot in most other states, but prescription Opioids continue to dominate in Nevada. Overall, Opioid use is going down slowly; as it shrinks, a vacuum is left and authorities worry that Stimulants could explode to fill the void. Use of Meth and prescription Amphetamines is increasing drastically, which is a trend that seems to be present throughout many states that are finally driving Opioid use down. Keeping a diligent eye on substance use is important for statewide agencies and individuals alike. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use, there are options near you for treatment and information.

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