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As the most northeastern tip of the US, Maine is the only state with only 1 other state on its border. Given its latitude, Maine keeps a cool 20-degree average temperature throughout the winter. Maine still boasts healthy agricultural production, and hearty vegetables like potatoes and broccoli grow there. The state is also known for its robust lobster farming, and is responsible for roughly 40 million pounds of lobster every year; this accounts for 90% of the nation’s lobster supply. The populace responsible for these national contributions unfortunately struggles with both legal and illicit substances. Some rates of alcohol use in Maine exceed national averages. Statistics concerning drunk driving paint a problematic picture of young people’s use of alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Nearly 40% of under 21 driving fatalities involve alcohol; the national average is 24%. Maine also regularly beats the average excessive consumption of alcohol in the US. Throw into this mix a growing issue with Methamphetamine use and the ongoing Opioid epidemic, and things can seem overwhelming. Finding yourself or a loved one addicted to legal or illicit substances is hard, and the thought of recovery may be even more difficult. But you are not alone. There are treatment centers willing to give you counsel and help in your healing journey.

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