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Massachusetts is the most populous state in New England. Its largest city, Boston, is well-known for its successful sports teams, Irish history, and many universities. The state was once an industrial and textile hub; as those jobs moved overseas, Massachusetts found itself focusing on more service-based offerings. The multitude of prestigious colleges throughout the state supply businesses with skilled people and specialized degrees. This has led to the growth of engineering startups and other highly skill-driven industries. Massachusetts has issues dealing with both legal and illicit substances. Rates of binge drinking throughout the state rise well above the national average, especially in population centers like Boston. The Opioid epidemic still has a strong sway in Massachusetts as well. Nearly 90% of overdose deaths in 2018 were attributed to Opioids. Synthetic Opioids like Fentanyl are now the most dangerous factor in the epidemic, even as use has begun to drop for the first time in 20 years. While Opioid use rates are going down, they are still incredibly high after the popularity of Fentanyl. If you struggle with Opioids, or any substance, please reach out for help. Treatment centers near you can provide you with help and information to get you started toward healing.

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