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Montana almost straddles the line between Midwest and Northwest, which might explain the diversity of the state's economy. Montana doesn't only boast a robust agricultural industry; the state also produces large amounts of energy through oil drilling, coal mining, and more. Recent growth centers around the tourist industry and the many national parks in the state. Nearly 13 million people visit the state’s parks each year, which has helped drive the economy. Montana has avoided some of the serious drug issues that other states face, or at least faces them on a much smaller scale, which has helped maintain some stability through the 2000s and into the 2020s. Binge drinking and chronic drinking are some of the largest substance use issues in Montana. The state routinely scores up to 4% over the national average for these kinds of excessive drinking, which adds up in terms of lives lost and money spent due to alcohol. In terms of illegal substances, Montana seems to struggle the most with Methamphetamine. While more legal cases are associated with Marijuana in the state, Meth is the most commonly seized drug and is responsible for the most task force spending throughout the state. If you find yourself or someone you love struggling with any substance, legal or illegal, pursue help at qualified treatment centers near you.

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