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Oregon is known for its beautiful landscape, including waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. In this state, 1 out of every 10 adults abuses illicit drugs, and 1 out of every 15 youth abuses or has a dependence on illicit drugs. In 2016, about 1,500 people in the state died from alcohol-related causes, and in 2015, 505 people died from a drug overdose. Drug overdoses have occurred from Heroin, prescription Opioids, and synthetic Opioids. It has been reported that only 11% of people in the state who needed treatment received it. Many people across the United States who need treatment for a drug or alcohol use disorder do not get potentially lifesaving treatment. There are treatment centers that can help those struggling get clean and maintain sobriety. Explore rehab options today.

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