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Bath Salts

Bath Salts Detox And Withdrawal

If you or someone you know can't stop using Bath Salts, detox at a treatment facility might be the solution to help get through withdrawal.

What Is Bath Salts Detox And Withdrawal?

If someone is regularly using Bath Salts, also known as Synthetic Cathinones, they may be addicted to these dangerous drugs. A person who is burdened with a Bath Salts addiction might struggle to live a fulfilling life. They will also experience the negative effects that Bath Salts inflict upon the body and mind. By undergoing Bath Salts detox, anyone can overcome the habits and lifestyle which characterize Bath Salts abuse.

Bath Salts detox is the process of avoiding Bath Salts for an extended period of time. The ultimate purpose of Bath Salts detox is to purge the drugs from the body’s systems and force the body to readjust to functioning without them. Bath Salts detox is a necessary part of the recovery process. Detox breaks the cycle of abuse and withdrawal which keeps addiction alive.

Although Bath Salts detox is beneficial, depriving the body of Bath Salts after the body has become accustomed to them is not pleasant. Because withdrawal is an unavoidable aspect of Bath Salts detox, it is best to undertake detox at a specialized treatment facility under the care of medical professionals. No one should attempt Bath Salts detox alone. Rather, the process works best when a person has support at a treatment center where they’ll have help coping with withdrawal and be prevented from having access to more Bath Salts.

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Understanding Bath Salts

The drugs which are called “Bath Salts” are not really meant to be used while bathing. Epsom salts meant for use in the bath are magnesium-sulfate products which dissolve in water to soothe skin and relax muscles. They are not drugs and they have no mind-altering effects. “Bath Salts” is a slang term for Synthetic Cathonines, a group of Stimulants which are similar to the Hallucinogenic Cathonine chemical which grows naturally in Khat, a plant native to the Arabian Peninsula. When injected, smoked, or swallowed, Synthetic Cathonines provoke hallucinations and euphoric sensations. The effects of the drugs usually last for three to eight hours.

Drug traffickers market Synthetic Cathonines as cheaper substitutes for illegal drugs such as Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Ecstasy. They usually take the form of crystals or powders which are usually either white or brown, although some batches comes in shades of purple. A variety of substances are classified as Synthetic Cathonines, including MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone), Alpha-PVP (“Flakka”), and Mephedrone. These chemicals are now illegal to use as recreational drugs in the United States. Nevertheless, it is difficult for the government to enforce a ban on all Synthetic Cathonines because they exist in so many variations. Therefore, Synthetic Cathonines continue to be sold at smoke shops and gas stations under deceptive labels such as “jewelry cleaner.” The false label “Bath Salts” was used when Synthetic Cathonines became popular in the 2000s, hence their enduring nickname.

Because no one regulates how Bath Salts are manufactured, no one who uses them can be certain which chemicals a given batch contains. The effects of one batch of Bath Salts can vary significantly from the effects of another batch. This is because of differences in the chemicals in each batch and how large a dose a person takes. In general, Synthetic Cathonines may cause paranoia and anxiety. Furthermore, Bath Salts hallucinations might be disturbing and frightening. In more rare cases, Bath Salts can provoke “excited delirium,” a behavioral condition characterized by sudden violence and aggression. Long-term Bath Salts abuse may damage a person’s heart, kidneys, and liver. Bath Salts have been the confirmed cause of several deaths in recent years.

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Bath Salts Withdrawal And The Detox Process

Research supports the conclusion that Bath Salts have the potential to cause addiction. Researchers have not yet observed any physical withdrawal symptoms of Bath Salts addiction. Nevertheless, long-term Bath Salts abusers have reported experiencing a variety of psychological withdrawal symptoms once they stopped using Bath Salts. This indicates that Bath Salts are psychologically addictive. The symptoms of Bath Salts withdrawal include:

  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Intense cravings
  • Insomnia
  • Amnesia
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach pains
  • Irritability
  • Aggression
  • Persistent difficulty with focus and concentration

The process of detox will take however much time is necessary for the chemicals to fully cycle out of a person’s body. During this time, a person will experience withdrawal. In most cases, the withdrawal cycle lasts from 48 hours to one week. However, since there is no standard Bath Salt, there is no standard reaction to Bath Salts detox. Different patients may have different experiences during detox. However, the result should be the same: the chemicals will exit the body while the brain and nervous system become accustomed to being sober. Cravings for Bath Salts may persist for weeks or even months after detox, so patients should continue their recovery in an inpatient or outpatient rehab program until they are completely free from addiction.

Find The Right Place For Bath Salts Detox Today

If you or someone you know is struggling with a Bath Salts addiction, there is help available. Please contact a dedicated treatment provider today to get more information on your options for treatment. Although detox is not easy, the benefits are worthwhile. Once the body is free of Bath Salts, a person can begin to focus on fighting their addiction and living a better life. There are rehab centers all across the country which provide detox and treatment for many types of Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), including addiction to Bath Salts. One phone call could really make the difference.

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