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Best known as Puerto Rico, Borinquen is one of the many beautiful islands that float on the Caribbean Sea. What makes Puerto Rico (P.R.) so unique is its diverse landscape. It is only 100 miles long yet beaming with underground caves, forests, and waterfalls. The commonwealth's beauty attracts over 1.4 billion visitors annually. Tourists fly to the archipelago to experience its delicious food, exciting music, and colorful nightlife. What many do not know is that behind all the festivities is a raging drug crisis. Like most of the United States, Puerto Rico is battling a severe drug crisis. Almost 8% of the commonwealth's population has a history of illicit drug use. One of the island's major problems is Heroin. According to the Department of Justice, an estimated 17.9% of the areas's drug charges are related to Heroin. Puerto Rico is battling a severe drug crisis, but fortunately, there is help. Contact a treatment provider to learn more about rehab options today.

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