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Right across San Francisco is the city of Oakland. This growing city is the home of the NFL Raiders and is separated from its sister city by the Bay Bridge. When founded, the town was inhabited by a large oak tree forest, earning it the name Oakland. Today, it functions as a trade center for San Francisco. It is the residence of hundreds of people trying to escape the business of the Golden City. Unfortunately, the city is dealing with a significant drug crisis and is still considered one of America's most dangerous cities. Oakland has a severe drug problem. The drug overdose rates are seven times larger than Germany's. In Alameda County, which envelops Oakridge, 1 out of every 2 citizens has an Opioid prescription. The city's drug abuse rates have made Oakland an epicenter for violence and overdose, earning its reputation as one of America's most dangerous cities. Fortunately, there are several excellent treatment centers ready to help anyone battling any addiction. Check out some options in the community.

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