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Beyond the Hills, a New Beginning Awaits

145 Tamal Rd, Forest Knolls, CA 94933

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About Serenity Knolls

Serenity Knolls has been helping thousands of patients successfully recover for over 25 years through our determined vision, shaping the effective treatment plans we offer. Our patients don’t come just to recover, they come to flourish. We look at every individual need, striving to improve self-esteem and personal relationships which allow our guests to grow from within.

Addiction is a very delicate matter. Many who have never gone through the process don’t necessarily understand the struggle one who suffers from addiction goes through. Most of our staff have been through these struggles before, still living in recovery. This unique experience brings about empathy and dedication in helping others, building a bond on a different level than someone who has never experienced the process. The connection is greater between our staff and our patients, allowing more of a comfort and stability within treatment.

Based off of the 12-Step social model of alcohol and drug recovery, all of our programs are genuinely created with our patient in mind. We allow time for self-discovery and share all the tools we have learned on how to create self-love within one’s self. Healing inside and out is what we believe renews a person and truly builds the foundation for successful recovery.


Serenity Knolls


  • Co-occuring disorders
  • Expert clinical team
  • Lifelong support


  • Beautiful mountain views
  • Gym
  • Full-service cafeteria
  • Life time no-fee aftercare
  • Sports courts
  • Semi-private rooming
  • Swimming pool
  • Yoga

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