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In the middle of Central Valley, California is the beautiful city of Modesto. This winemaking city is the home of the largest winery in the world. The land surrounding Modesto is so rich in nutrients that most of its residents work in either the agriculture or manufacturing industry. The fertile metropolis is the biggest distributor of produce like lettuce, almonds, and some of the nation's best wines. Unfortunately, the abundance of alcohol in the city has partially led to high rates of substance abuse. Alcohol and drug abuse in Modesto is rampant. From 2011 to 2015, about 28% of hospitalizations in the city were alcohol-related. The city's excessive drinking rates were at 17.5% and higher than the rest of the state. Though wine is a passion in the fertile metropolis, alcohol and drug abuse are becoming widespread. Thankfully, there are many treatment facilities ready to help. Check out some local treatment centers.

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