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If you consider its metropolitan area, Columbus has the second largest Midwest population behind Chicago. Over the past century its economy has shifted from dominantly industrial to service based including businesses like insurance and banking. A population this big unfortunately inherits many of the same problems as their home state when it comes to substance use issues. Surveys of Columbus looking for drug popularity found that alcohol and Marijuana came out on top in terms of volume and recency of use. Not far behind these two was crack Cocaine and the grouping of Fentanyl and Heroin. The rates at which these drugs seem to be used throughout Columbus is worrying, especially Fentanyl given its potency. Other cities throughout Ohio are struggling more with substance, but city officials aren’t taking that as a sign to kick back and relax. Escalating Meth trafficking throughout the state has given rise to programs that, throughout the state, have seized just under $30 million worth of drugs, guns, and money. If you’re caught up in a substance dependence, reach out to a local treatment center.

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