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The city of Colorado Springs is known around the world as a vacation destination. The beautiful towns, natural views, athletic activities, and scenic springs attract people from all over the country. Unlike many cities in the West, Colorado Springs is far from a boomtown. The town was founded in 1859 and designed to be a resort destination. Wealthy residents, flush capitalists, and successful companies quickly flocked to the city and settled it. Today, Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado and was once considered the wealthiest in the United States. Though Colorado Springs is known for its luxe resorts and prosperity, it is currently fighting its biggest public health crisis. Colorado Springs is now ranked as the 7th worst state in the US for the highest consumption of alcohol and Narcotics. In only 15 years, Opioid overdoses in Colorado Springs doubled. The city is responsible for more than 15% of all of Colorado's fatal Heroin overdoses. Sadly, in response to the current pandemic, Opioid-related overdoses in Colorado Springs are expected to rise. Fortunately, the city has state-of-the-art treatment centers ready to help patients overcome their addictions. Check out some options nearby.

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