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In the Western Pacific, north of Guam floats the Northern Mariana Islands. The self-governing territory is a commonwealth of the United States consisting of 22 islands and islet. The archipelago has 9 active volcanoes and is surrounded by precious coral reefs. On average, 510,000 tourists visit the American territory annually to experience its beauty and some relaxation. Unfortunately, though the Northern Mariana Islands are a breathtaking sight to see beneath the surface, it faces an uphill battle against addiction. Drug trafficking is a major problem in this area. The archipelago floats near Asia and North America, making it a hotspot for criminals hoping to transport their drugs between the continents. Amid the many narcotics smuggled in and out of the Northern Mariana Islands, crystal Meth is causing the most significant rise in addiction among locals. More cases related to crystal meth are popping up among the islands every year, but there is hope. Treatment facilities are prepared to help those in need. Contact a treatment provider to learn more.

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