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In the south-central Pacific Ocean is one of the United States' most prized territories, American Samoa. This area is a self-governing island nation that encompasses 7 South Pacific islands and atolls. The region is home to 5 active volcanoes that are scattered among its islands. People worldwide visit the natural beauty to experience its culture, food, and dazzling sights. Unfortunately, though American Samoa is a breathtaking sight to see underneath all its beauty, the islands are battling a major war on drugs and addiction. Drug and alcohol-related issues on the islands are on the rise. American Samoa's number of DUI's has spiked to 139%. What is even more concerning is the number of reported domestic violence cases. Experts believe the claims are a direct response to the rising rate of alcohol addiction. American Samoa's locals are experiencing a new wave of alcohol addiction that is shaking the islands at its core. Fortunately, there are many addiction treatment center facilities ready to help.

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