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2264 Green Hill Road Sebastopol, CA 95472

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About Azure Acres

Azure Acres, Santa Rosa’s premier residential drug and alcohol rehab facility, is located in Sebastopol, California. Azure Acres specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction with comfort, safety and serenity. With five decades of knowledge, we can assist our patients mind, body and spirit with the expertise for optimal health. Our facility incorporates the basics of the 12-Step recovery model for our patients.

Our patients are strongly encouraged to be active in their recovery as our staff encourages our patients to be aware of honesty, humility, surrender and acceptance for addiction recovery. Our staff works with them to address any underlying reasons for addiction, as they transition into a life of sobriety. Our patients go through a detox treatment process lasting 3 to 10 days supported by caring doctors and nurses. Our detox program provides patients a comfortable setting to induce to a state of wellness from drugs and alcohol abuse.

We offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, client-centered therapy, experimental therapy, family therapy and group therapy. We also offer partial hospitalization, a second part of treatment, which provides patients with a higher rate of recovery success. This lasts 30 days for most patients. Our intensive outpatient program in Sacramento, California is a step-down which follows the completion of our residential care. Patients meet a few times per week with flexible schedules and therapy options available for recovery. Azure Acres facilitates recovery with hands-on care so patients are guided on each step on their recovery journey.

Azure Acres


  • Alumni-relations programming
  • Holistic approach to treatment
  • Life coaching
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Weekly aftercare process group


  • 30 acre campus in the secluded hills of Northern California
  • Free and confidential assessment
  • Minutes from the ocean
  • Swimming pool
  • Semi-private rooming

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