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Tulsa serves as the birthplace of Route 66; the man who pioneered the road stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles got his idea in the city. After the road was built, Tulsa became a popular stop for tourists and motorists passing by. An unfortunate side effect of this relationship to the road is that drugs being trafficked along the route often find their way into the city. Luckily, Tulsa dodged the bulk of the damage from the Opioid epidemic — at least compared to states in the North. City officials spend most of their time working toward cutting down on Meth use. Trafficking of Meth has skyrocketed in the last few years as cartels took over production and distribution of the drug. Meth is cheap, addictive, and easy to make considering the staggering volume flowing into the US. And aside from illegal substances, Tulsa struggles with alcohol as well. The state of Oklahoma has been trying unsuccessfully to lower its rates of binge drinking and drunk driving. Avoiding alcohol can be difficult for people because of its legality and social popularity. Managing your use so that you don’t accidentally form a dependency is key. If you’ve developed an issue, please reach out to a local treatment center for help.

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