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Trenton is the capital of New Jersey and was once the capital of the United States briefly. The city boarders Philadelphia and is only a few hours away from New York. It relied on manufacturing up until the 1970s when fabrication centric jobs moved into different countries who could provide goods for cheaper. This transition was hard on Trenton and many people were forced to change their way of life to adjust to that economic shift. This kind of instability can be felt for decades and disrupt generational wealth development. Endangerment of financial stability in cities can lead to an increase in desperate people which is usually followed by an increase in drug use. The Opioid epidemic hit all of New Jersey hard. Starting with prescription Opioids in the early 2000s and progressing to Heroin as regulatory agencies cut down on Opioid prescriptions. The problem was once again exacerbated in 2015 by the explosion of Fentanyl in the drug market. Trenton is still struggling to handle Opioids throughout the city as nearly 50% of all people seeking addiction treatment in Trenton report Opioids as their drug of choice. The city has also seen some major drug busts as traffickers often pass through when traveling between Philadelphia and New York City. One significant seizure turned up $50,000 worth of Heroin in Trenton, which is an unusually large amount to be carried at once. Substance use disorders are serious and many people find themselves caught in the process of managing a problematic drug habit. If you are struggling with this issue, or you know someone who is, please reach out and get help from a treatment provider near you.

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