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Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico; like many of its neighboring cities, it’s home to historic landmarks from some of the earliest inhabitants of our country. The Native American relics and landmarks found in the area can be tens of thousands of years old. The European settlement is one of the oldest in the country as well, dating back to around 1607. Unfortunately, alcohol use throughout the state is out of control; the area regularly scores near the top of the national chart in terms of deaths due to alcohol. Since the early 1990s, New Mexico has come close to doubling the national average every year. Santa Fe in particular struggles with illicit substances like Heroin and, more recently, Fentanyl. While Heroin already raises red flags, the introduction of Fentanyl into the equation drastically raises the risks of overdose in the city. Because Fentanyl is so powerful, only a little is required to increase the potency of other drugs. Unless Naloxone inhalers are administered within a few minutes after overdose, it’s unlikely someone will survive. These results are all too common around cities like Santa Fe. If you or someone you know is on this path, reach out for help. There is help at nearby treatment centers.

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