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About an hour inland from the Bay lies the proud capital of California, Sacramento. The area was home to countless of California's indigenous peoples until the Spanish claimed it in 1808. Today, the historic city is California's political core and home to its governor and legislature. Its strong ties to government make it popular among lobbyists and think tanks. It is also a land full of fresh food. Sacramento houses over 40 local farmers' markets and even more farmers. The abundance of fresh produce has earned the fertile metropolis the title of America's "Farm-to-Fork" capital. Sacramento is famous among Californians, but that popularity has also led to a growing public health crisis. Much like the rest of California, Sacramento is dealing with a severe drug addiction problem. Experts discovered that for every 1,000 citizens, 619 were prescribed Opioids in 2015. Sacramento's rates of drug abuse are higher than those of similarly sized cities. Luckily, Sacramento has several treatment centers available to help anyone battling addiction. Check out some nearby options.

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