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Rochester’s issues mirror those of its big brother New York City. As a large population center in a state struggling with Opioid use issues, Rochester shows heightened levels of Opioid use. The changing landscape of drug use is testing officials who’ve been trying to manage Opioid use throughout Rochester since the early 2000s when prescription drugs were the major issue. Since the resurgence of Heroin and the introduction of Fentanyl, overdoses have spiked, and the cost has been steep. In 2017, the year with the most deaths in Rochester due to overdose, 220 people died. Luckily, the numbers have been improving, but it’s still due to the cheap, powerful drug named Fentanyl that the Opioid epidemic has sprouted longer legs. Nearly 95% of drug overdose deaths in Rochester involve Fentanyl. It’s often mixed or “cut” into batches of Heroin to strengthen the Heroin’s effects. But if someone doesn’t know the Fentanyl content or overestimates their ability to process it, they can quickly slip into an overdose. Without Naloxone, the reverse overdose drug, people deteriorate as their breathing fails and they eventually die within a few minutes. This terrible fate is one that too many people have already met. If you see someone you know, or you yourself are struggling please reach out for help. Professional treatment centers in your area can provide assistance and information for  recovery.

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