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Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and it’s well known for its universities and for the large number of oak trees throughout the city, giving it the nickname “The City of Oaks.” Like many cities in North Carolina, Raleigh was hit hard by the Opioid epidemic. In the 10-year span between 2005 and 2015 the state’s death rate rose by 73% and Wake County, where Raleigh is located, saw an increase of 77%. For North Carolina, Raleigh is the epicenter of the Opioid epidemic. The pandemic in 2020 hurt people trying to isolate and fight a substance use disorder. The quarantining protocols often strip people of the support and accountability they get from their friends and family, while also making it harder to avoid triggers if they allow substances into their home. And while citizens struggle with these issues, law enforcement in Raleigh are struggling to cut down on the growing Meth trafficking in their county. In the early 2000s, Meth labs throughout the U.S. were the popular means of production and distribution, but now most Meth is created in larger facilities in Mexico. This Meth is then shipped into the U.S. for distribution. It’s cheap and addictive, which make it extremely dangerous for any cities like Raleigh that have trouble managing the amount of people in their community struggling with addiction to begin with. If you feel alone during the pandemic and you’re having a hard time coping, please reach out to an online support group or local treatment center. If you’re not comfortable meeting in person, then they may be able to at least offer information on strategies to stay safer during isolation.

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