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Pennsylvania, as a state, struggles with substance use disorders. A 2016 study found that 11 of the top 25 schools for drug arrests were located in Pennsylvania. The national average is 3.4 drug and alcohol arrests per 1,000 students and PA registered 7.8 per 1,000. The school with the highest ration, Shippensburg University, came in at an astounding 29.4 per 1,000, nearly 9 times the national average. As one of the largest cities in the state, Pittsburgh reflects a lot of the same problems, but with certain differences based on the culture and population of the city. Opioids continue to trouble the city and surrounding counties. While rates of Opioid overdose began dropping in the late 2010s, 2019 and 2020 saw large increases in overdoses and hospitalizations in Pittsburgh. Managing the different stages of Opioids throughout the epidemic proves challenging, considering the huge increases in drug potency between options like Heroin and Fentanyl. These drugs and others like them have a real chance to cause damage to you or someone you love. If you find yourself struggling with any substance, there are treatment centers near you willing to help.

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