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Home to universally loved underdog stories like Rocky, Philadelphia finds itself the underdog in its struggle against substance use. The Opioid epidemic struck Philly hard, especially in poorer minority communities. Since the early 2000s, city officials have been feverishly combatting the spread of Opioids throughout city starting with regulating sale of prescriptions Opioids. Heroin use rose to extreme heights as prescriptions became more difficult to obtain. Around 2015, the introduction of Fentanyl into the Opioid market reinvigorated the epidemic and drastically increased the overdose rate in Philadelphia. Alongside opioids, cocaine use between 2010 and 2019 in Philadelphia caused significant damage, nearly 650 deaths over that time. As we head into the 2020s, city officials are worried about the growing issues with Meth in and around the city. As more programs are funded to fight Opioid addiction, Meth trafficking and overdose numbers have begun to grow. Drug busts, like one in June of 2020, find groups of people moving large amounts of meth on a weekly basis for huge sums of money, sometimes profiting up to $900,000 in a single week. If you struggle with any of these drugs or, like many Philadelphians, you struggle with alcohol, please look for help. Doing it all alone may seem like the best option but can lead to disastrous results. There are treatment centers near you that can provide information and help.

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