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Newark is New Jersey’s largest city. Part of the New York metropolitan area, Newark functions as a shipping and commerce hub in the Northeast. People often live in Newark and commute into Manhattan or other parts of New York City, which has led to the development of infrastructure to support this region’s high-volume commuting population. Cities like Newark and Jersey City are often thought of as extensions of New York into Northern New Jersey because of the interconnected nature of their economies. Another commonality between these cities is the level of problematic drug use. In Essex county, the home county of Newark, the drug of choice is Opioids. Specifically, Heroin and Fentanyl prove especially problematic for people living in Newark. A study of people seeking treatment in the county found that Opioids were by far the most common drug of choice, followed by alcohol and Marijuana. Mixing alcohol and Opioids is especially dangerous, as both substances are Depressants. Their interaction greatly increases risk of respiratory failure, which then requires intervention with Narcan. If you or someone you know is struggling with a Substance Use Disorder, treatment centers in your area are available and ready to help.

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