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While not an apple, The Big Apple does deliver on being big with its nearly 9 million inhabitants. New York City is not only the largest city by population in the country, but it’s also home to the largest shipping port as well. As a central hub of the northeastern megalopolis, New York is powerful culturally and economically. While this port and ones like it in other cities underpin certain parts of the economy, they also allow access for drug trafficking. The main issues in New York in terms of drug use, are similar to those that the Northeast face regionally. The Opioid epidemic hit hard, transitioning from prescription pills to Heroin to Fentanyl. The pills weren’t sustainable and Heroin coming into NYC from outside the country was much cheaper and more accessible. Meth, which has exploded in the Midwest, has now started to show up in NYC as well. Law enforcement are seizing more and more Meth as time goes on. Recently there’s been a slight lull as travel across borders has been cut significantly due to COVID-19, but law enforcement fear that once normal commerce resumes, there will be a high demand and a high supply. Find help from local facilities today.

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