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New Haven, Connecticut, is the first planned town ever created in the United States. Founded in 1638 by English Puritans, the coastal town quickly became the second largest city in the state. New Haven houses more than 130,418 citizens and has deep roots in American history. The historic metropolis is located on Long Island Sound. It is most famously known as home to Yale University. Still, many people now see the city as an epicenter for drug abuse. On average, more people are dying from drug overdoses in New Haven than nationally. In 2018, more than 90 people died from a drug overdose within 2 days in a park in the city. What is even more concerning is that the number of deaths is expected to rise. New Haven's drug and alcohol epidemic is profoundly affecting the city. Still, fortunately, there are treatment facilities prepared to help. New Haven has some of the best addiction treatment centers in the country that are available and ready to help tackle most addictions. Explore some nearby options.

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