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Located in South Florida, Miami is one of the world's most iconic cities. The modern metropolis' beaches, weather, and culture make it a popular vacation destination. Home to films like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Moonlight, Miami is the perfect place for excitement. The city offers an excellent mix of skyscrapers, vivid sights, and a busy nightlife. Miami's various options make it a global hotspot for tourists, entrepreneurs, and trade. Unfortunately, it's ports and traffic have also attracted negative attention. Cartels, the mafia, and drug dealers have flooded the region. Historically Miami is infamous for its Cocaine trade. The streets of South Florida are heavily supplied with drugs making them easily accessible to its citizens. Miami, Florida, is a significant entry point for drugs into the United States. This flow of drugs has made the city an addiction hotspot. More than 12% of the population uses drugs illicitly, and with the current pandemic, that number is expected to rise. Because of the easy access to narcotics and vivid nightlife, people who live in Miami are more likely to suffer from drug addiction. Luckily there is help available. Numerous treatment centers in the area have helped individuals overcome their substance abuse disorders. Check out some nearby options.

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