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One of the best places for surfing in Southern California is in the city of Long Beach. The coastal metropolis borders the Pacific Ocean and has some of the best water attractions in the state. This popular city is the sixth-largest city in California, with over 460,000 residents and still growing. Long Beach's easy-going vibe and waterfront attractions have earned the city the reputation of a "party town." Tourists from all over the nation visit the waterfront city for its beauty and raging nightlife. Unfortunately, the city's immense popularity and party scene have contributed to an increase in substance abuse. Experts estimate that about 9% of Long Beach's residents are battling an addiction. In 2011, 892,000 people were classified as having a substance abuse disorder. Long Beach residents are dealing with some of the highest rates of addiction the town has ever experienced. Thankfully the city has some of the best treatment facilities in the nation. Check out some local state-of-the-art centers.

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