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The state of Alaska was once a place ventured by only the bravest souls in the nation. Today, the state receives over 2.26 million visitors each year. People from all over travel to Alaska to experience its incredible wildlife and majestic landscapes. Juneau, the state's capital, attracts over 1 million tourists annually. The city's mild winters and lovely summers make it unlike any other, gaining immense popularity. Though the city receives about 6,000 daily visitors in May and September, most of Juneau's residents experience deep solitude. The epic loneliness has led to a rise in alcohol and drug addiction. Solitude is one of the many reasons why Juneau is battling a severe addiction problem. Yet overprescribing is also a severe problem within the city. Experts estimate that about 200 people are fighting a Heroin addiction within the town. The snowy metropolis accounts for over 15% of Alaska's heroin-related deaths. Fortunately, though, the city does have help. Several addiction treatment centers are ready to help the citizens of Juneau combat their addiction and loneliness. These facilities are state of the art and prepared to support the people of Juneau. Check out some local options.

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