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Jersey City is one of the many cities that coexist closely with New York City. As part of the NYC metropolitan area, people often move to Jersey City to commute into the Big Apple for work. Jersey City’s population was largest in the 1930s, but due to recent redevelopment and investment in transportation infrastructure to and from NYC, Jersey City has seen population growth in the 21st century. Though as part of the web of larger cities in the Northeast, Jersey City is experiencing many of the same issues with drug use, especially during the Opioid epidemic. Jersey City accounts for nearly half of all drug use in Hudson County, New Jersey. Official reports show that most people seeking treatment in the area site Opioids as their primary drug. Behind Opioids, people reported struggling with alcohol and Marijuana the most. Unfortunately, the Opioid epidemic was reinvigorated in Jersey City when Fentanyl was introduced to the market. Across the North East in cities like Jersey City, Opioid use, overdose, and trafficking shot up. If you or someone you know have suffered due to Opioids or other substances, reach out for help at a qualified treatment center near you.

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