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Honolulu, Hawaii, is the capital of The Aloha State and its largest city, with a population of 347,397. The city is a tourist destination for many, famous for its beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and decadent dining. However, similar to the rest of the United States, drug abuse is still an issue in the beautiful city. According to the Hawaii Opioid Action Plan, drug overdose deaths account for more fatal injuries in Hawaii’s population than car crashes, falls, drownings, and other forms of fatal injuries. Youth substance abuse is also an issue in Honolulu, with over 25% of youth being, “offered, sold, or received an illegal drug on school property,” compared to 21% in the rest of the country. Many people who choose to seek treatment in Honolulu are seeking out a destination rehab option. The locations of some rehabs offer breathtaking views for those traveling, but treatment centers are also an option for those who already live in Honolulu. Find out more about drug and alcohol rehabilitation options in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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