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Harrisburg is Pennsylvania’s capital and it’s located roughly in the middle of the state. It’s home to several universities, but the primary economic driver for the city is government work. Though not as large as some other PA cities, it suffers much the same from substance use issues. The city's location between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh along the major highways crossing the state mean that Harrisburg gets caught up in drug trafficking frequently. Like the rest of PA, Harrisburg struggled with Opioids throughout the 2000s and only recently have use rates and overdoes rates started to decline. And while Opioids may be getting more manageable, Meth trafficking and overdoses are climbing. Domestic Meth labs are no longer the popular means of meth distribution, but rather Mexican cartels that mass produce the drug and then ship it all over the US. Along with Harrisburg’s location and its University life predispose it to drug problems. Pennsylvania is home to 11 out of the 25 schools with the highest rates of student drug charges. The cheaper and more easily accessible a drug is, the more challenging it can be to mitigate for city officials. Drug dependence can be life threatening and if you or someone you know are trying to handle it alone, know that there is help available. Reach out to a local treatment center today.

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