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Located near the mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and Los Angeles is the city of Fresno. The diverse town was founded in 1856 after the Gold Rush and was named after the ash trees growing along the city's river. Fresno (which means ash tree in Spanish) is filled with fertile land and beautiful natural attractions. The city is the base of Yosemite National Park and is a popular resting spot among tourists. Unfortunately, though Fresno is known for its beauty, it has also earned the reputation as "The City Addicted to Crystal Meth." Like most of California, the city of Fresno has incredibly high rates of illicit drug use. The city is battling a severe narcotics crisis. About 80% of the nation's illegal Meth is produced in Fresno. The metropolises rate of intravenous drug users is also 3 times the national average, with about 30% of its residents abusing Meth. Fresno's residents are dealing with a significant addiction problem, but thankfully they are not alone. The city has some of the several treatment centers ready to help. Check out some nearby options.

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